2 abril, 2022

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero would have “leaked” in its first 30 minutes

Por USaiyajin.com

New dragon ball Super Super Hero news.

Apparently, the attack a few months ago on Toe Animation would have had serious consequences for the Dragon Ball franchise. According to sources on the internet, the first 30 minutes of the Dragon Ball Super Super Hero movie would have been leaked, which would undoubtedly be a strong blow to the Dragon Ball franchise and that if true would severely affect future projects.

However, in an investigation carried out by USaiyajin.com on the internet so far we do not find true indications of the alleged leak, on the subject only some YouTube channels have been pronounced, as well as some websites that exist and show clickbait on fake Dragon Ball news to attract visitors.

So far the above only remains in a rumor, although the premiere of the film was rescheduled by the hack of previous months we are still waiting for the new release date.