Akira Toriyama
8 marzo, 2024

Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball has passed away at the age of 68.

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Sad news has struck deep within Dragon Ball fans, Akira Toriyama, creator of the most successful Anime Series of all time has passed away.

The news was released this Friday, March 8 in Japan, the statement released by Bird Studio cites the following:

Dear friends and partners,

We are deeply saddened to inform you that manga creator Akira Toriyama passed away on March 1 due to an acute subdural hematoma. He was 68.

It is our deep regret that he still had several works in full creation with great enthusiasm, besides, he would have many more things to achieve.

However, he has left many manga titles and artwork to this world. Thanks to the support of so many people around the world, he has been able to continue his creative pursuits for more than 45 years. We hope that Akira Toriyama’s unique world of creation will continue to be loved by everyone for a long time to come.

We inform you of this sad news, thanking you for your kindness during your life.

The funeral was held with his family and very few relatives. Following your wishes for peace of mind, we respectfully inform you that we will not accept flowers, gifts of condolence, visits, offerings and others. We also ask that you refrain from conducting interviews with his family.

The future plan for the memorial meeting has not been decided; We’ll let you know when it’s confirmed. We deeply thank you for your understanding and support as always.

March 8, 2024

Bird Studio

Akira Toriyama is recognized as one of the best Mangakas in the world, his works include Dr. Slump, Blue Dragon, he also participated in the character design of the role-playing video game Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger.

Dragon Ball whose first manga volume was released in 1985 by Shonen Jump was Akira’s masterpiece, the anime was released in 1989 and was divided into 3 Sagas: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, Toriyama also had in his hands the supervision of some chapters of Dragon Ball GT.

Akira Toriyama leaves behind a legacy that will be remembered primarily for making an entire generation happier children, especially with Dragon Ball.

Rest in Peace Sensei, we will always remember you…