18 marzo, 2022

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Release Delayed by Toei Animation Hack

Por USaiyajin.com

On March 6, Toei Animation was the victim of a hack to its servers, which in addition to affecting the internal network of the company affected some productions that the company was making, including the Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Movie when a corruption of files was generated in the servers of the organization.

Due to the above Toei Animation has announced that the premiere of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero that was scheduled for next April 22 in Japan will be delayed, so far the new date has not been announced. which is undoubtedly bad news for all of us who like Dragon Ball so we will have to wait a little longer to enjoy the new adventures of Goku and his friends.

Other productions that were also affected by the hack are: Digimon Ghost Game, One Piece, Dragon Quest: Adventure of Dai, Delicious Party Precure, among others that were currently in broadcast and will see the premieres of new chapters postponed.