17 marzo, 2022

Bardock on the new cover of the Dragon Ball Super Volume 18 Manga drawn by Toyotaro

Por USaiyajin.com

It is well known to the best fans that the publication of the Dragon Ball Super Manga does not stop in Japan despite the fact that the anime has had a pause in its transmission on TV.

This week has been released what will be the cover of volume No.18 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga and What a cover! that has raised the Ki of amazement of more than one Dragon Ball fan with the appearance of Bardock and which has been drawn by none other than the great disciple of Akira Toriyama in what is already considered one of the best covers of the manga.

Undoubtedly a work of great quality that will surely remain for the collection (for the moment only in Japan) and that can be enjoyed from next April 4, so if you go to Japan you know, you can not stop bringing a great memory of oriental lands.